Upcoming Workshops with Sunita

Samskara 12/3/2016 @ArtHub Manly 

Time 9am to 1pm

A contemporary application of eastern and western philosophies for life transformation. 

 Samskaras (Sanskrit: संस्कार)--refers to the mental impressions, recollection, and psychological imprints. These impressions of the mind govern the way we perceive the world, act out in the world—and subsequently govern the results we get in life.

Traditionally, the practice of yoga (Sanskrit; Union) is about mastery of the mind to transcend the limitations of the human construct. There is also no doubt that how we communicate with ourselves (and how we don’t) influences the way our brains are shaped. Recent breakthroughs in the discipline of communication, join the dots between language, how the brain processes information, and how it governs a human being’s behavior in the world. 


  • The paradox of the mind, and how it can keep us stuck in areas of our lives.

  • The nature of the mind from a yogic philosophical context.

  • How meditation helps us transcend barriers of the mind.

  • How to communicate with self, to get the change we want in life without having to defeat or overcome ourselves.

  • Foundational metaphors and presuppositions to bring about greater appreciation for self, other- selves and Life itself. 

Seats are limited to first 25 persons who register now. 


Tickets are $75 (incl. GST). Secure your early bird ticket price by 29th February 2016, and you only pay $50 (incl. GST). Tickets are limited to 25 persons only 

To secure your seat now please click here

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Beyond Asana

Moving Meditation designed by Sunita

Date: 8th August 2015

Time: 1pm to 3:30pm

Address: Barefoot Yoga 

             T3 Verona Street, Paddington, NSW 2021



Experience asana as meditation.

Deepen your practice.

Tune in your mind-body-breath-heart to find greater place of harmony within you.

Work with your intuitions, your body’s wisdom, and body’s energetic fields.

Learn to let go what is not serving you

 Quieten your mind

Deepen your understanding of habitual patterns, emotional patterns, and your reactions in relation to these patterns.

Experience deep relaxation with guided Yoganidra practice, which creates deepest possible state of relaxation.

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