Sanskrit, Language of Yoga

Sunita offers workshops on 

How to pronounce asana names correctly

Correct chanting of Mantras

Read and write Sanskrit

Workshops for Yoga teacher training 

and Private sessions 

Sanskrit workshop to deepen your understanding of yoga

7th March 2015 Time: 8am to 12:15pm

Location:- 116, The Comenarra Parkway, Turramurra, 2074 Cost: $125

Sanskrit is language of yoga mediation.

Immerse into language of sound waves.

Grasp deeper knowledge of Yoga, learn to develop familiarity with sounds,

understand exact location of the sound and experience vibrations of Sanskrit.

Learn Sanskrit alphabets, their correct pronunciation.
Learn to pronounce Asana names.
Learn to chant Mantras and much more.
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Little bit about Sanskrit.

In ancient India, the drive to discover the truth was so passionate, that in the process, the Rishis(ancient spiritual beings or sages) discovered perhaps the most perfect tool to fulfil such a search— the Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages. The exact date of origin of Sanskrit is not really known, but oldest known Sanskrit texts are the Rig Vedas which date back to some 4000 years ago (again there is debate about exact date of the Rig Vedas as well). And even in the Rig Vedas, Sanskrit is fully evolved language which shows that its origin is even further back in time.

Sanskrit is language of sound-waves, yet at the same time it is based on precise rules and regulations of grammar. The meaning of word ‘Sanskrit’ is perfected.Sanskrit is such a perfected language that even after many years after its creation there is no need to change or alter it.

The question arises- is Sanskrit used today or is it dead language? Answer to that question is, Sanskrit is still used in many regions of India. All the spiritual rituals are still performed in Sanskrit. It is one of the official languages of India. And most Indian Languages are based on Sanskrit.

When NASA was searching for a natural language for Artificial Intelligence, scientists realised that Sanskrit was the only solution because of its precise rules, and thus  can be used in the AI system.

On the spiritual path many of us realise that chanting Sanskrit mantra is very effective way of meditation practice. And since focus of meditaion/dhayan is on chants or the sound-waves it is important that they are pronounced correctly. Tuning into these soundwaves of Sanskrit can be very calming and enjoyable experiance. To pronounce Sanskrit correctly we have to use different parts of our mouth, rolling of the tongue, vibrate the palate and our use our breath. Its individual sounds are sacred and so powerful that they energise us on cellular and energetic level. 

Yoga was developed in Sanskrit or in other words Sanskrit is language of Yoga. And as yogis & yoginis we have to always remember how scared this language is.

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