Private Sessions

 Skype Sessions are available 


Yoga Session

Private yoga sessions are designed for your special needs. These sessions are for one hour, in these sessions Sunita uses all aspects of yoga for e.g. breathing practices, physical practices, mediation practices tailored for clients needs. 

These sessions are great

if you are new to yoga

or if you have special needs 

or you just simply want to have time just for yourself.

Sunita creates very safe. very nurturing environment where client's personal need are looked after. 


Sanskrit is language of yoga. It is language is of sound-waves. It is very important to pronounce it correctly otherwise it changes meaning and most importantly vibrations of of the mantra.

Learn how to pronounce Asana names and and other Sanskrit names.

learn to pronounce Mantras.

Or go even deeper and learn to read and write Sanskrit. Many times wisdom of yoga is lost in translation. 

Sanskrit is very precise language with clear grammar rules. Sunita makes it easy & fun experience to learn this beautiful language. 

Yoga Philosophy 

Immerse in the ancient wisdom of Yoga by understanding


Principles of yoga

Patanjalis Yoga Sutra

Bhagawat Geeta



and much more

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