Tuesdays at Sunitas on her beautiful yoga deck surrounded by nature, has become a routine hard to break.  I joined with severe pain in my shoulder, ankle and knee and though some aches still linger on and off in my shoulder I feel stronger and learnt in the practise to listen to myself, something Sunita has so gently helped us all understand. Her patience, concern and intuition for our needs for that particular day astounds me.  We all leave stretched, clearer, happier in mind, muscles worked and better able to deal with the rest of the week.  Her class is a truly remarkable experience and one I eagerly look forward to every week.

Ushi W, NSW

Attending Sunita’s yoga class is so much more than the physical. It is a holistic approach to life. Attending Sunita’s classes have helped me in so many ways, mentally, physically and in my relationship with others.  Her kindness ,compassion and respect for all beings inspires me every time.

Corrine Williams, NSW


Sunita is a warm and incredibly knowledgable yoga teacher. Her classes are like a tonic for body,mind and soul. She expertly and intuitively manages to tailor each class to cater for how you are feeling so you always leave refreshed and relaxed. Yoga with Sunita is one of the highlights of my week!

Margot, NSW

Sunita is a terrific yoga teacher. Her classes are interesting and varied and she does very well to cater for our group whose members are of different ages and different levels of ability. Sunita has a lovely warm and supportive approach and her knowledge is impressive.

Best Wishes,

Monica, St. Leonards, NSW

Dear Sunita,

Thank you for your guidance at our Yoga sessions. It has brought a wonderful calm to my life during what has turned out to be a stressful year. I do enjoy the balance you have between what we do each week with what you introduce as something new each week. Your calm approach has infected the whole class with enthusiasm. I am thoroughly convinced that attending yoga classes each week has been of great benefit to my health and well being.
Congratulations to you and keep up the good work.
Sincere best wishes from

Dominic, Roseville, NSW

I have practised yoga for 20 years and have experienced many teachers - and I very much enjoy my practice with Sunita. She offers real integrity and understanding about the poses, but what impresses me most is the quality of shavassanna she facilitates. I have always struggled with shavassana, being fidgety and unfocused, but with Sunita’s guidance it is the most enjoyable and enriching pose of the practice. I think it is due to her steady, knowledgeable guidance throughout the practice.

Jacquie, SBS, Artarmon

I first started yoga classes about six months ago.  I had never tried yoga before and didn't really know what to expect. Since then I have told all my friends that practising yoga is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me for many, many years.  I want to share this new phase in my life with everyone because I believe so many people would benefit from yoga on many different levels.   At a very difficult time in my life it has helped me to relax and take a step back, and has also made me feel so much stronger physically which makes me feel more confident.

Thank you Sunita, I could never express through words the joy yoga has brought to my life.  You truly are a wonderful, inspirational teacher.

Rose, Wahroonga, NSW


It is my great pleasure to be a member of Sunita  Baste’s weekly group yoga class, albeit an octogenarian of limited movement. Sunita is a superb teacher of infinite patience, radiance and wisdom. Each class is well planned and varied and I have found them so beneficial, especially in improved breathing and core support. Best of all is the spirit of dedication and enjoyment she creates.  I look forward to each class.

Cheers and best wishes,

Paula ClarkstoneRoseville, NSW


Sunita is warm, welcoming & expert yoga teacher who looks after everyone in her class. Highly recommended. 

John D. SBS, Artarmon

I often found the stress of a working week almost unbearable at times. That was until I started attending a mid -week evening yoga class under the instruction of Sunita. Through her expert guidance Yoga has helped me to focus on core life values to keep my week and indeed life into meaningful balance. In the yoga class I not only improve my physical health and flexibility but also gain much needed mental energy. Yoga allows for reflection and connection with your inner self and results in a calmness and vitality that I can bring back to the rest of my working week. Sunita is a wonderful instructor in all aspects of yoga and the mid-week evening class has really re-shaped my week. It is something I really look forward to now as an integral part of my working week. Thank you so much Sunita for your professional guidance and encouragement. 

Best wishes, 

Zac, Turramurra, NSW


"Sunita had a hard act to follow when she joined the Just Balance team, but she proved instantly to be a wonderful teacher of yoga - her knowledge is deep and sure and her intuition and compassion allows each one of us, whatever our problems are, to benefit from every moment of the practice. To me she is the true embodiment of a Yogini, with all that that implies."

Rosemary  C., Gordon, NSW


Sunita has been my lovely, supportive yoga teacher for several years and has been an inspiration to me. Her calm and caring approach to all her students has seen us all benefit in many ways – physically becoming much more aware of our own body, how to use our body and breathing help us clam, relax and achieve peace & satisfaction,  especially for me. Sunita also explains the reasons for & benefits of all the breathing and physical practices, which helps us to attain greater relief from pain calm & relaxation. I recently had a back episode with sciatica pain & Sunita helped me to recover by teaching me more varied & gentle approaches to the poses. Suita’s knowledge of yoga is vast and all of us benefit in our own ways. A very caring & dedicated teacher!

Alison B. Gordon, NSW

Sunita's lunchtime yoga class is one of two highlights of my working week - the other one being finishing work on Friday night! 

Peter, SBS, Artarmon

I have been attending yoga at 6.00am with Sunita Baste twice weekly for several years.  Sunita has never missed a class!   After a class I feel at peace in my mind and energised in my body.  I always regret missing a class. I have had major surgery on 2 occasions and each time with Sunita’s expert guidance I have been able to return to yoga, recover my health and get on with my life.

Lisa B, Lindfield, NSW

Sunita's early morning yoga classes are the perfect way to start the week for me. It clears my head from the chaos of the weekend and allows me to focus on the week ahead. Sunita always manages to tailor the classes perfectly to each individual and you really feel as though you are getting one on one instruction. I would highly recommend the classes to anyone. 

Pip W., Lindfield, NSW


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