Yoga is my passion for many years now.  Yoga is ancient Indian scientific system of moving towards balance & oneness. Yoga helps us on many levels; physically it brings balance back in our system. For example if a person has flexibility yoga can help them towards strength. If strength is there then yoga can help them to become more flexible. Also Yoga Poses, commonly known as asana, gives us more energy & vitality. These asanas make us more aware of our bodies. Asana, if done correctly have many benefits for e.g. they can help relieve pain, improves physical as well as mental performance, improve function of respiratory system, massages our internal organs & as a result of this Yoga helps us to be more youthful & full of energy. Yoga’s breathing practices called Pranayama have profound effect on our whole system. Yogic system recognizes importance of breath. If breath stops we cannot survive. These breathing practices are designed & given according to person’s individual need to increase vitality, well-being & helps to retain energy for longer period of time. Mentally Yoga’s relaxation practices helps to relax & quieten the mind. These practices help us to handle stress better. As a result of this we can direct our energy towards more important things in our lives. Leading more productive & stress free life. Spiritually, yoga brings that feeling of “oneness” between mind, body & the divine. Yoga is not bound to any religion. People from all backgrounds practice yoga. There is no barrier for age, fitness level or size.  Anyone can do yoga. Yoga practices can be used as prevention from illnesses or yoga can also be used as therapy. Yoga helps reduce stress in modern life most of the illnesses is a result of stress. Yoga has proved to be aid relive back pain,  menstruation problems, heart disease, cancer to name few. With so many benefits no wonder so many people are doing yoga. 

loka samastha sukhinav bhavanthu
May all beings be well, happy & free from sufferings. 

, Sunita