Hello yogis! This is our first newsletter!


I felt blessed to kick start beginning of this year with wonderful yoga practitioners like you. I think everyone at the 5 day intensive yoga sessions had a sense of transformation. All sessions were based on ‘Sankalpa’ or power of intention. This intention can be for just that class or for that day or for the life. Something really powerful about having Sankalpa & watching how everything starts aligning, starts manifesting.

Give gift of true love this Valentine:


Book in for YogaCoaching for yourself or and your loved ones.

YogaCoaching is life coaching based on principles of yoga and it really works. YogaCoaching is an ongoing alliance designed to help you to live at your highest potential and become the best version of yourself. If you find yourself searching for something, or if you need change in your life, or if you notice that you can be something more than this, YogaCoaching is for you.

We all have given this life for a reason,

YogaCoaching helps to support, enhance and develop your skills, resources and innate creativity towards achieving what you want to become, by helping you get clear and identifying and connecting to your unique gifts and talents, to find the reason behind this gift of life. For more information contact me via email or reply this post. Skype sessions are available.


Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

May all beings be well happy & free from sufferings.