Importance of Meditation

In our day to day life, we experience range of emotions: happiness, joy, sadness anger, love, compassion etc. On this roller-coaster of emotions how to find calm & peace? In my experience meditation helps, it brings us back to what is real, what really matters.

Some of my clients are very shaken by volcano eruption happened  in Chile and Earthquake in Nepal. and there compassionate heart wanted to know what they can practice to help people in these affected area. some of you have already financially helped but want to do more. Here are my suggestions:I believe each one’s individual meditation and prayers will stir the universe to bring solace and peace to the anguished hearts and souls in the tragedies and its surrounding boundaries.

It is truly heart-breaking to see the devastation caused by natural disasters and otherwise. My prayers and heart move out to the kin and families of those who have lost their lives and countless who are still missing.
Socially we must be aware of the community and the collective karma of our world families, indigenous people and the less fortunate. There must be graciousness in the flow of prayer and empathy, a positive responsiveness to the requirements of all humanity with a deepening awareness to our surroundings.
May the humanitarian aspect of our deeper nature draw our innermost heartfelt prayers and attention to the less fortunate, the pained and homeless people. Concern is a deeply human aspect of our nature, and prayer and nurturing is our innate nature.

In these moments of deep anguish we can meditate on the Devi as the Shakti, the Divine Mother Goddess in her compassionate form. ‘one who has an ever sympathetic, compassionate and sensitive heart to guide the suffering people, bestowing on them strength and divine grace to move through these dark hours of intense anguish.
Shakti’s benevolence guides her devotee through all life’s suffering if we turn to her with compassionate hearts. Through divine grace, the Mother Goddess gently leads one to the absolute indivisible Reality of all existence
May our prayers seek grace for the victims and their families in their personal moments of deep suffering, turbulence, instability and sorrow.

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu|

May all beings be well happy & free from sufferings.